Carriage House

Product Info

The Victorian Series.... The Victorian Storage Barns combine New England style with premium craftsmanship. Wide trim and overhangs are standard along with transom windows in doors. Also standard is a heavy duty pressure treated floor, 2-24x36 aluminum windows with shutters, architectural shingles or metal roof, and tread plates across the door opening. Available with Duratemp painted siding, Tongue & Groove pine siding, or Vinyl siding. The Victorian Series gives you the storage you need in the style you want.

Additional Features That Can Be Added:

  • Pressure treated ramp
  • Add windows
  • Additional doors
  • Flower Boxes
  • Lofts or workbenches
  • Electrical
  • Cupolas and Weather Vanes
  • Arched windows in doors
  • Stone veneer
  • We customize, ask about additional options


  • The Carriage House is standard with 6'-5'' high walls, 10'' overhangs, 8/12 roof pitch, A-Frame dormer with additional entry door
  • Foundation: Pressure treated 4 x 4 skid runners
  • Floor Joist: 2 x 4 - 12'' on center pressure treated
  • Flooring: 3/4'' thick pressure treated flooring plywood (real plywood, not particle board)
  • Walls: 2 x 4 - 16'' on center
  • Rafters: 2 x 4 - 16'' on center notched with gussets
  • Roof: 30 year architectural shingles with felt paper
  • No extra charge for Metal roof with bubble insluation
  • Doors: 5' or 6' wide double door, tread plate across door opening
  • Transom windows in doors are standard in The Victorian Series
  • Windows: 2-24x36 aluminum windows with shutters
  • Vents: Gable vents are standard but can be traded for ridge vent at no additional charge
  • We use real plywood, No OSB or Particle Board is used on any of our buildings

The Victorian Storage Sheds can be delivered in 8', 10', 12' and 14' widths and up to 40' long, but if you need a larger size that cannot be delivered complete we can stick build it on your site.